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Why online coaching?

Online coaching is a fantastic tool that brings you the opportunity  to work  with me anytime, anywhere in the world you are  and achieve your goals anyway. Helping on the requires of your busy agenda. There is no limit!

I have been working hard to create the perfect system to deliver you the best of the services of Online

coaching, during the pandemic I worked hard for many hours to provide you this fantastic service.

I will be there contacting you and supporting you towards your goals!

How it works: You contact me, we will talk about your lifestyle, your preferences and the goals and how long time you need to achieve it then we will start working together to create the best program adapted to your demands

benefits of  Online Coaching:

  • Affordability: Online coaching  is incredibly cost effective in comparison to 1-1  coaching.

  • Accountability and motivation:  Make yourself accountable and more motivated then ever with regular support.

  • Flexibility and freedom: totally adapted to your agenda.

  • Time and schedule: you decide when you workout and when to communicate with, you will have your answer in no more than 2 hours time. I am totally dedicated to my clients.

  • Communication: Emails, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, texts, calls... You decide how to contact me. These days it is easier than ever, wherever we are in the world!



your plan

  • tailored training every week totally adapted to you and your circumstances.

  • monthly flexible nutrition plan tailored to you

  • Track all your progress and results

  • weekly video calls with me

  • all the necessary support

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