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When we are younger we have all the energy in the world, we can do a thousand things at once and we never get tired. But what happens after 30?

Energy levels tend to drop and it becomes increasingly difficult for us to perform tasks. Apart from the body if we do not take good care of it, it can be exposed to diseases. Some of them fatal.

But I have something to tell you...

In the following article I am going to talk to you about how to keep having the same energy, or more, than when you were 20 years old and how to avoid diseases. And above all to have a longer and healthier life


What happens to the body after the age of 30?

After the age of 30, people tend to lose lean tissue. Muscles, liver, kidneys, and other organs can lose some of their cells...Tissue loss reduces the amount of water in your body. The amount of body fat increases steadily after the age of 30.

And what to say that in men the hormone testosterone is being lost. Which makes us burn more fat and gain muscle mass.

And in women, the proportion of body fat increases progressively from the age of 30, and is concentrated in the central part of the body, that is, the abdomen, and even around the internal organs.

However, the layer of superficial fat immediately below the skin thins, making the skin appear thinner and less bulging and firm.

But the good news is that these natural processes can be delayed or even stopped if we take care of ourselves...


How to take care of yourself after 30 years?

As we get older it is more difficult to be in shape and start training due to lack of energy and motivation. That is why we must start as soon as possible so that later, with more advanced age, it does not cost us so much effort. Or worse yet, there is no going back.

Habits you should do every week:

  • Strength Training: it comes in handy to gain and not lose muscle mass. In addition, it helps you keep your bones and joints strong.

  • Daily steps: one of the best options in terms of the lightness of the activity. It has very little impact, burns calories and going outside helps you feel better. Nothing like a walk in the woods or park.

  • Stretching and mobility exercises: As we age, our muscles become stiff. These exercises combined with strength exercises help keep muscles healthy and functional.

  • Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables: they provide us with antioxidants from the cells, which will make us age more slowly. And the fiber of these helps in digestion, which provides us with better assimilation of nutrients and avoids the heaviness of the body.


Consequences of not exercise after your 30´s?

As we have already said, not having an activity and leading a sedentary life will lead to premature aging, with which there will be the risk of having diseases that will also come faster.

Diseases that you can have after the age of 30 if you lead a sedentary life:

  • Obesity: Having too much body fat even changes your posture. Which leads to joint and back pain.

  • Heart attacks: the heart is another muscle and if you don't train it through exercise it atrophies and begins to not work well. And if this does not work well, you know what can happen.

  • Diabetes: By not burning glucose from the blood, it will build up and cause the pancreas to overwork and fail. Are you sure you want to eat that candy without worrying? So do exercise!

  • Osteoporosis: This leads to bone fractures from having weak bones. Exercising and eating vegetables will help keep them strong. I hope you don't want to spend your summers in the pool on crutches.

Click on the video to see in a comical way what I have said in this section. I hope you take it seriously though.


I hope I haven't been harsh on you but someone had to tell you. I hope that after reading this article you will reconsider starting to exercise as soon as possible if you are not doing it already.

If you need help, someone to educate you and guide you to take care of yourself. I am that person! I will help you so that you will never be where you are again and I will change your habits and your life forever.

Sport and activity is the preserver of health.


Do not forget that you can ask me at any time or give me a comment for any questions you may have.

For more information, follow me on my social networks and check out my other videos.


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