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During these last years strength training has been seen that it was only for big people or bodybuilders. "Who has not heard the comment of: I do not want to be like that?". But with each passing day, we are more aware that strength training is really necessary for our physical condition.

And rest assured that you can train strength without having to become like the Hulk.

First of all we must know what STRENGTH TRAINING is.

It is nothing more than the ability we have to move a certain weight, exerting a body movement in which it allows us to move that weight.


And, how do we train strength?

Very easy! We have to exert force on an object, the heavier this object is, the more force we will have to exert.

We can train strength both: with material (In the gym) or with body weight (Home or park). The latter is about looking for different positions where we have to move our own body weight. For example: push-ups or chin-ups.

Watch this video to see how to train strength with or without material and emulating the same movements


What are the benefits of strength training?

You will not believe how little strength training has been valued, since it gives us very good benefits of which I could say: that everyone, whether of different gender or age, should train strength to significantly improve their health.

Here is a list of why it is important to TRAIN STRENGTH:

  • You will have stronger and more functional muscles: The ability of the muscles to move with everyday tasks will improve a lot. You will also be able to perform these tasks more easily. Who do you ask when you need help with the move or moving that sofa? Yes, it is? The one with big muscles.

  • Improves posture: we improve the compensations that bad posture creates for us. Especially on the back. We will be more upright, we will have a more balanced and pain-free body.

  • Higher calorie expenditure: Muscles consume a lot of calories for maintenance. Training them to later be repaired involves a greater expenditure of calories that only cardio does not give you. You lose more fat with strength training!

  • Avoid injury: strong muscles protect the joints better, since, when doing movements, strong muscles will exert better force and it will avoid that it is the joints that take all the stress of that particular movement.

  • Better physical appearance: apart from promoting correct posture. Also: it prevents flaccidity, places the muscles in a better way and, being firm, they maintain their proper position.

  • Prevents aging: Prevents Osteoporosis (bone wear due to aging). In addition, by losing fat, improving posture, and having firmer muscles, people look much younger.

Same age different actions

I hope that after understanding all these benefits I have already convinced you that, TRAINING STRENGTH should be a priority.


And to finish the million dollar question, do I do CARDIO or do I train STRENGTH?


Just training cardio, yes, it helps us lose FAT. But, our muscles, as I said before, will not have the same firmness and will look flabby.

Cardio works very well to improve our cardio-respiratory system, apart from giving us more muscular endurance.

But you should know that there are benefits, as you can see above, that cardio does not provide us.

So the bottom line: Better to combine cardio and strength training for much better results.

Here you have a video of what it really is to exercise MAXIMUM FORCE!

In the end, our goal should be to become STRONG and fit. With this you will see that you will have a healthy, strong and beautiful body.


Do not forget that you can ask me at any time or give me a comment for any questions you may have.

For more information, follow me on my social networks and check out my other videos.


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