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Having a good percentage of muscle mass in our body is of vital importance for our daily movement and for the stability of our joints.

But, do you know how to have an optimal muscle mass percentage?

Do you know the relationship it has with fat loss?

And the benefits of having a good muscle mass in your life?

Read this article where I tell you all about anda more.

As you can see in the image, muscle mass can grow


What is muscle mass and what is it for?

Muscle mass is made up of the entire set of tissue commonly called muscle. Skeletal muscle is an organ whose fundamental function is to facilitate movement, joint stability and structural protection of our skeleton.

That means that the greater muscle mass: better functionality of our body, fewer injuries, less fatigue and better body posture.


What is the relationship between having muscle mass and losing body fat?

Well, it is well proven that in the long run having muscle burns more fat. But, let me explain it to you in better detail.

It's simply because building and maintaining good muscle mass requires a lot of energy, which causes us to burn more calories.

Strength training is essential to gain muscle mass, this training already burns a lot of calories, but by resting and allowing the muscles to repair themselves, many nutrients are required to rebuild muscle tissue.

So, you will be able to eat more and not store the remaining energy as body fat.


How do I work on my muscle mass?

Very easy, you have to stimulate the muscle through force movements. Every movement of the body stimulates a muscle or muscle groups.

For example: a squat stimulates: quadriceps, glutes and abdominal wall. A flex: the muscles of the arms, chest and shoulders.

At the same time you must continue adding loads, such as weights, cables or bands. To continue stimulating the muscles.

There is a wide variety of exercises to stimulate your muscles. Apart from gyms or training centers there are different machines to stimulate every possible muscle.

In my opinion, it is better to perform exercises in which more muscles or muscle groups interfere, such as: squats, rows, push-ups, planks...

Click on the video to see different exercises and their variants to perform both at home without material, and in the gym with all the possible equipment.


How do I eat for good muscle mass?

Of course, you have to eat properly and even more so if your plan is to improve your muscle mass while losing body fat.

A nutrition plan with real food:

  • Avoid processed food and refined sugars.

  • And better opt for food rich in protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrates (If you don't know what they are, I will write another post about it soon).

Drink plenty of water, as your muscles will need to be hydrated, avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. And above all, rest well so that your body and muscles recover and assimilate food better.


Benefits of good muscle mass

And we finish the chapter knowing the benefits that having optimal muscle mass will bring you:

  • Reduces risk of mortality: The loss of muscle mass is detrimental to the survival of cancer or other diseases. When a person has adequate muscle mass, their muscles support protein for organs and tissues that can be maintained even in the absence of adequate nutritional intake. The muscles provide amino acids to the organs and compensate for the lack of nutrients.

  • Maintains bone mass and density: without muscle mass, bones become brittle and fractures with minor accidents tend to be more frequent. A strong muscle mass prevents osteoporosis and reduces the possible severity of accidents.

  • Reduces risks of disability: With adequate muscle mass, our body retains greater movement control and functional capabilities as we age.

  • Faster metabolism and less body fat: Muscles synthesize protein and this stimulates metabolism. This synthesis is optimized every time we exercise and do resistance training, so having stronger muscles helps speed up metabolism.

Lack of activity leads to significant health complications and decreased quality of life.

If you are a person who does not train strength and does not maintain/improve your muscle mass. You should consider starting strength training as soon as possible.

If you don't know how to start you can always consult a professional to help and guide you. I myself am here for it.


Watch this video to know the consequences of not doing exercise after your 30s


Do not forget that you can ask me at any time or give me a comment for any questions you may have.

For more information, follow me on my social networks and check out my other videos.


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