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Dynamic Legs Workout

Work your legs as you never did before by mixing different exercises in one. You can add lots of dynamism and variety to your workouts.


-Squat back Lunges:

  • Do 10 repetitions (1 squat + 2 back lunges)

  • Rest 30 seconds

  • Do 3 sets

-Tips: Keep your back straight and perform de movements fluently.


-Knee Kick Lateral Lunges:

  • Do 10 repetitions, 5 per each leg.

  • No rest between legs

  • Do 3 sets

-Tips: Lateral squat with knee kick to the oppositte side, make sure you drive your hips back when you bend your body and keep your back straight.


-Kick Back Lunges:

  • Do 5 repetitons one leg then 5 to the other to complete 1 set.

  • No rest between legs

  • Do 3 Sets

-Tips: Try to work on your stability as better as you can.


-Pulse split squats:

  • Do 10 repetitions, 5 per leg

  • Rest 30 seconds

  • Do 3 sets

-Tips: Watch your balance and work unilaterally with the same intensity in both sides. Perfect to correct balance isssues.



-Good Mornings Knee Kicks:

  • Do 12 repetitions (1 good morning and 1 knee kick)

-Tips: Hands on the sides of the head then drive your hips back keeping your knees straight and feelig the stretching on the your hamtrings then perform the good morning and at the same time do a knee up meeting the oppositte knee to your oppositte elbow. Make sure you do not arc your back.

straight away

-Skipping Burpees:

  • Do 6 burpees, (6 knees ups, 6 mountain crunches, 1 burpee to complete 1 repetition)

-Tips: Mix mountain crunches, 6 repetition with 6 knees ups in every burpee. Do it as fluent as possible.

-After you have done this Super Set (2 exercises in a row with no rest):

  • Rest for 1 minute

  • Repeat 2 more Super Sets



When you feel that working out at home without equipment and you are running out of ideas.

You can grab exercises like Squats, lateral lunges, front lunges, back lunges, good mornings, burpees, knee kicks, knee ups and more...

And then mix them up, to workout in a really fun and dynamics way,

which can open your way to create a new exercises.

Plus, doing it like this you can work your body in all the plans of movements, improving your stability, coordination and balance!!

Do not forget that you can ask me anytime or give me a comment for any question you might have.

Also, do not forget to stretch your muscles after every workout you do.

For more information just follow me in my social media and check my other videos.

If you do not have enought with all of this then, just contact to me and BOOK your FREE TRIAL session with me, and I will show you how to do everything and I will correct your technic and performance by myself in LIVE!!

Push hard in your workouts to make sure the time you use doing it is worth for you!!!


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