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There are many theories as to whether it is good or not, or if fasting cardio works very well to lose fat.

Well, here in this blog we are going to talk about it. We will also see other types of exercises such as fasting strength training. And if it's really worth it. Or what kind of person would be better off exercising on an empty stomach.

We will first see that three steps are needed to lose fat:

  1. First, the fatty acids must be extracted from the cells that contain them.

  2. Then these fat cells will be carried into the bloodstream.

  3. And in the end, the mitochondria, are the cells that release energy using nutrients, they will use these cells as energy. So they will be oxide.

As far as we know, once the body does not have carbohydrates as energy, it uses fat as a source of it.


So, do you have to do fasting cardio to lose fat?

Well, the answer is that it is not necessary, since although more fat is oxidized during fasting cardio. Then for the rest of the day there will be an offset and the body will use the carbohydrates again.

So I recommend that you do it if you want, but choose the time of day that suits you best.

But I don't recommend you with a full belly and you've just finished eating, let a couple of hours go by.

BUT! Who would fasting cardio be beneficial for?

For people who have low fat percentages, (less than 15% in men and 22% in women). For this type of person, where to continue losing fat in more difficult areas, it is possible to follow stricter routines, such as: fasting cardio, intermittent fasting or other specific supplementation.

For the rest of people where the percentage of fat is higher than this. (Most people) fasting cardio is not something to consider at the moment and could be done when it is best for you.


So if you like it then why not, but I do not recommend that you DO NOT lose hours of sleep by doing it, since this would not be beneficial for you.

Keep working on eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of rest should be your top priority before anything else.


Do not forget that you can ask me at any time or give me a comment for any questions you may have.

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