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The human being is a spice which is made to move. From the earliest times we have been a species that was dedicated to hunting, gathering and working in the field... But, thanks to the advancement of technology, we have become an increasingly inactive species, since it has made things much easier...


Well, let's talk about how technology has changed our lives regarding physical activity and how it has been affected.

As you can see in the image below about a fictional film, you can see how technology has completely taken over the human being and has made him dependent on it. That is what we want to avoid in this article.

Sedentary lifestyle transforms the human body and makes it inactive, and it is no longer able to fend for itself.


Benefits that humans can obtain thanks to daily physical activity

There are many benefits that people can obtain by leading a healthy lifestyle, from physical, metabolic to mental benefits.

Our body and mind will function more optimally, with which we will achieve better functional and cognitive capacities... We will be better at our work, we will get better grades and we will even be more attractive!


Physical activity prevents us from diseases

It can even cure them. Both physical and mental illnesses.

Physical exercise helps us to be healthier, with diseases such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. They will be avoided.

And with this a body without pain and without diseases makes us happier with what our mental health will be very good.


Physical activity in times of pandemic

Knowing all these benefits and how important the activity is. When we had to become sedentary because we couldn't leave the house, our mind and body asked us to exercise from home. As we can know, the human cannot live without moving and thanks to the exercise at home, we were happier people and we were able to endure not being able to go out.

Add that thanks to technology, exercising and being able to connect with ours made things much easier for us.


And, to finish the importance of encouraging and educating future generations to exercise more

It is very important that we know how to encourage and educate our generations to be active. These times, technology is part of them and we must educate children to also have daily physical activity, to compete with each other, to interact, to play, to experiment and above all to move. Our future as human beings depends on us and on how we educate and leave a legacy in our world.


I hope that thanks to these articles the importance of physical activity has remained, of the benefits that we have thanks to it and the importance of educating our people.

The human being is made to move. Sedentary lifestyle goes against his condition and should be avoided.


Do not forget that you can ask me at any time or give me a comment for any questions you may have.

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