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Why am I not losing belly fat?

If you think that in order to have a flat and ripped abs, you just need to pound your abs. You are going to try too hard with no results. The result of having a flat abdomen generates a lot of controversy in the world of fitness and nutrition.

But, here we are going to uncover some myths and we are going to learn how to achieve that desired result.


Myths vs. Reality

Forget the myth that you have to kill ypur abs and go for a run every day. Yes, this makes you burn calories... But what about the calories you eat per day?

If there is no caloric deficit there is no fat loss, then we will not see our abs.

So, the key is in your kitchen, apart from the fact that you have to exercise to lose weight and thereby lose fat.

The myth of smashing yourself doing abs is also overrated. Doing a lot of quick sit-ups isn't going to pay you as much as you think...

I will tell you two things here, which will clarify your ideas a lot:

  • If what you want is a strong core, it is always better to opt for more compound exercises where you work strength in your abs, such as: all kinds of planks, farmer walks (walking with big weights), deadlift, squats, core rotations with weight.... This will make the muscle mass of the abs more defined. Look at the example below.

  • And to be able to show your abs the key is in the caloric deficit. This will cause us to lose body fat and our abs to show.


Reasons why we don't lose belly fat

Many people become obsessed with losing the fat fast that can take desperate paths, but that lacks stability and has a negative rebound effect, or what is worse, can even put their health at risk. Like: these weight loss shakes that they sell on the TV store, stop eating or other crazy things...

Habits and actions to avoid:

  • Eliminate all fats from our diet (including the good ones): There are fats such as mono-saturated ones that are beneficial for the body and are essential for its proper functioning. (Olive oil, avocado, coconut, nuts...). As I have already said, the fault is not the fat, but rather the calorie intake.

  • Stress: being stressed causes the brain to ask us to eat more when we are in a state of anxiety. In addition, stress releases the hormone cortisol, which increases the size of fat cells. Meditate every day for at least 10 minutes and do relaxation exercises, such as: stretching or yoga...

  • Being over 30 years old and not exercising: as we get older the body's metabolism slows down more and more, therefore, losing fat will be more difficult or impossible, if we only dedicate ourselves to eating and being on the sofa. Move as much as you can: go for a walk, exercise, play, dance... Everything counts.

What do I recommend you to do to get you to show your abs?

Well, at the end of it all, it's not that difficult, I think we all know it by now. But, what really makes you achieve this goal is that you are a constant, patient and disciplined person.

Besides, I recommend that you take these habits and be part of your daily routines:

  • STRENGTH exercises: strength training puts the muscles of your body in a state of repair after the effort made with these exercises. In order to recover, the muscles require a large amount of calories for this process. I mean: You will burn calories even at rest apart from maintaining your muscle mass!

  • Have a strong breakfast, a light dinner: having a strong breakfast will make us have less appetite for the rest of the day, apart from what activates your metabolism before. We will avoid snacking between meals and eating anything (things that do not satisfy the appetite and are full of calories). Eating a light dinner will prevent us from accumulating extra calories to go to bed. Try to have a proper nutrition plan and follow it.

  • Get enough sleep and follow the same sleep schedule: both sleeping too little and sleeping too much, our body will tend to accumulate fat. Little sleep alters insulin levels which will make us want to eat more sugars and fast food. Sleeping a lot will not allow us to burn those calories that we need to lose to lose belly fat.

Remember, that excess fat in the abdomen is very dangerous for our health, and that it is one of the main risk factors for heart disease.

Also, don't you look better when you have that flat tummy or those six pack abs?


Do not forget that you can ask me at any time or give me a comment for any questions you may have.

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