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Even without equipment you can work your legs very well at home. Follow this routine to work both your glutes and your legs.

For your legs to grow you do not need to go to the gym or crush yourself with heavy barbell squats or kilos and more kilos in the press. With your body weight and a varied but highly functional exercise routine, you can grow your quads and glutes.

Focus on doing the exercises very slowly to activate your leg muscles and make them work harder. This will simulate that you are moving heavy weights


Here are the videos of the exercises:

Wall Sit: This exercise is excellent since we can do it anywhere and it helps us increase the resistance of the lower body. Hold for 30 seconds x 3 sets / Rest 30 seconds.

Front Lunges: Take a step forward with one of the legs, making sure that the knee does not exceed the height of the tip of the foot. We lower the hips little by little until the quadriceps is parallel to the ground. Do 20 reps X 3 sets.

Hamstrings Curl: The hamstrings play an important role in leg flexibility. Use a towel to work them very actively. Do 15 reps X 2 Sets

Glute Bridges Lateral: This exercise will activate your glutes a lot. Squeeze all the way up and hold the position for a few seconds to work them better. Do 10 reps per side X 2 sets per side.


Benefits of having STRONG LEGS:

  • Increased speed: Stronger legs will give you a faster pace.

  • Performance improvement: reduce energy expenditure, so you will finish your runs less tired.

  • Increased endurance: your muscles can store more glycogen.

Make sure to work your legs at least 2-3 days a week, at least 4 exercises and 3 sets of each.


Do not forget that you can ask me at any time or give me a comment for any questions you may have.

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